Thursday, January 05, 2012


In haste I sweep my heart floors with a broom at the announcement of the Visitor. My eyes are lit up in alarm to quickly put up an acceptable presentation of my untrue self.

“Be quick! Be quick!” my soul cries out in a hurry to splash water over what should be scrubbed. No time to put away loitering clothes but do see some wall cracks to stuff ‘em in.

I plant a smile right away over my fake face and if needed, will show remorse and deceive myself this remorse isn't momentary.

“Shoot!” I cursed at my clothes ‘cos they look so filthy.
“Ah Ha!” Got a lint remover. Now that should do it.

“hmm! What smells? Is that me?” Darn it!
Perfume to the rescue!

“Whew! That was close.”

“Now let’s check on my breath! Ew! I thought so! This is a job for a mouthwash.”

Finally ready!

Visitor comes…Visitor goes…

Only a matter of time and they all start creeping back…

Breathe goes south…and then the perfume wears out…
Lint remover doesn’t clean clothes…washing does…
Weariness overshadows my former smile…
And my body itches. Definitely need a bath…

…and then…a squeaky sound…
“Oh no! Don’t tell me!” 
A rat seems to be having fun pushing through the wall cracks and playing with the clothes I stuffed away earlier.

“That’s it! I’m tired of myself!”

Can’t continue making patches on torn clothes when there is a chance to get new.
Gotta take out the bandages and get a real treatment for what ails.
Making room within has become hoarding of the old.
I can no longer settle for convenience in sight of the real deal  if can just push myself a little more.
Can't stand the pity I've earned for always making excuses.

O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from this life of death?
No wonder I’m unhappy…no wonder I’m sore.
I cannot retain the Spirit with dirt shoved to side – the cause of my ill-health!
“You know what? I’ll empty myself, be imbued by the Spirit and filled anew. My soul, make thou no rooms anymore!!!


Friday, December 09, 2011


NY Subway crimes these days are escalating beyond control! It has caused a crack on even the most confident soul!
Gadgets usually brought out for display and use have now been reclined to the safety covers of carry-on bags.
The daring boldness of daylight robbery can be attested by the weary looks of passengers with fears shown.
Just a more-than-a-second-look at another prompts a closer grip of personal belongings alone!

That terrible, yet inevitable reality of our existence!

Completely unavoidable even with foreknowledge assistance!

The void of uncertainty isn’t really the birthplace of this crippler.
One thing for sure is it is, without a doubt, a character definer!

 Ironic that the scriptures boldly declare the fear of God as the beginning of wisdom;
You see, fear only has all the power that you give it!
On one hand, it can cause the throwing in of the towel, and on the other, a revealing of the truth about our debilitating humanity!

Is it wise to only fear what can kill the body and not more, what can kill both the body and the soul?
What do you think drives us to prevent death by any means necessary when the truth is it is beyond our control?

So, here it is:
Fear that brings the acceptance of truth;
That births a need to plan as early as the days of your youth;
That makes you change what can be changed
And accept what cannot be;
That unveils the reality of uncertainties;
And yet split the curtains for you to see –

After all planning is done for the future, to still commit yourself to Christ, the one true Savior
Whose fear is the opposite of the world’s –
A fear with a definition that relieves even in the subways or wherever it might find you;

One that opposes the other which creeps up on random –
The fear you should really embrace: The beginning of wisdom!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Coming Home!

A well-known artist declared this theme enough to put it to rest.
If nothing, I must make a go at this to pass the test
My test is to never give up, come what may
Life is too short to wile away

No matter how hard I try to be the best
I need to find refuge always in God's saving nest
I can't live for tomorrow without living today
I must heed God's call no matter what failure will say

What are my coordinates? North..South...East...West?
I command my soul to rise with each bang on my chest
Away I bid thee! No pleas! Away!
I will not dare to hold you darkness at bay!

I cannot work for my salvation as the Word says to only work it out
This is my stand on my long journey home
Let Christ imbue and overflow, within and without
This is my hope on my long journey home


Friday, March 18, 2011

In Vain Have I Smitten

Whom I love, I chastise!

Recall memories of parental discipline

Love calls its own to order

Teaching a child how to grow

What will be said? –

When I child is let go to make mistakes and never learns

Deeper and deeper the quagmire goes

Yet onward, the wanderer astray knows

God told Jeremiah, “…In Vain Have I Smitten…”

Yet in love I chastise in and out of season

Return again to me, saith the Lord

Or how will it be said? –

That in vain loved even our God?!


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Give Me To Drink!

It wasn't a drought that brought this upon me!
Water is in abundance. Waterfalls of the element of earthly life right before me.
Enough for now and always to use and abuse yet my soul deny its fill.
I'd rather drink sand than taste a drop of this earthly liquid.
For I have seen it...
seen what it can do!
I have stood by while others drank after warning them not to.
The taste, I am told, is sweet and soothing when taken.
It streams down your inside when drunk, leaving an immediate satisfaction as guaranteed.

However, as many turn to leave afterwards, their pupils dilate red and their spirit begin to pale. Sweetness becomes sour as poison flood the entire system.

You see it was the enemy I say, the enemy I say.

The accuser of men must have done this to cause all to sway.

Still I die to the world as I watch others take their momentary fill.

My flesh fade as I see many live within a few distance of abundant evil waters.

When will my fill come you ask me?

When will my thirst be undone?

A drop of living waters fell from heavens gates straight onto my lips. I took it with great thirst and waited for a while to see if it had poison. But lo, nothing bad happened.

Then I asked for more as I gaze skyward. And then...more came for sure.

When many saw me they stood amazed. A few summoned courage to ask me where did you find your fill and I told them:

rather you stay by this deadly waters, body swelling and begin to sway,

look to Jesus, ask like me, for all you have to say -

Give me, of you, to drink!